Success & Ofsted

“Outstanding in every aspect”

In 2012, Ofsted inspected Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy and rated the school “Outstanding”. 

This inspection was carried out by one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and five additional inspectors. Inspectors observed teaching and learning in 52 lessons taught by 51 teachers. They held meetings with the senior leaders, staff, the Chair of the Governing Body, students and the School Improvement Partner. Inspectors observed the academy’s work, and looked at documentation including data regarding students’ progress, improvement plans, the academy’s self-evaluation, monitoring records and procedures for safeguarding students. They analysed 642 questionnaires returned by parents and carers, as well as 113 completed by staff and 148 responses from students. 

The inspection team reviewed many aspects of the school’s work. It looked in detail at a number of key areas.

• The consistency with which teaching promotes outstanding learning and progress across the curriculum.

• The impact of training school status and the academy’s various specialisms on provision and outcomes in the main academy and in the sixth form.

• The success with which leaders and managers at all levels foster, share and celebrate best practice. 

Ofsted 2012 SIAMS Report